Roundabout Monuments in the UAE

Roundabout Monuments in the UAE, 2015, poster installation
Welcome to the Jungle, 2015, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin


The photographic series Roundabout Monuments in the UAE  started in 2014 and documents the decorations of traffic roundabouts throughout the UAE. The country´s early street system included many roundabouts, giving space for the development of a wide range of motives from official monuments, clock towers and fountains to the magnification of regional objects and animals. Longterm Roundabout Monuments in the UAE will be developed into a publication. A poster installation with the material from the series was realized in 2015 for Welcome to the Jungle at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.


RAK_MG_1396aPearl R/A, Ras Al Khaima

Fish R/A, Umm Al Quwain

Hatta_MG_3569Fort R/A, Hatta

Fujairah_MG_3606 Falcon R/A, Fujairah

Dubai_MG_3313Clock Tower R/A, Dubai

Dibba_MG_6364Clock Tower R/A, Dibba

Dibba_MG_6170Lantern R/A, Dibba

Al Nakhla Monument, Sharjah