img_7524-copyExhibitio view Coronation, 2012, Kunstraum Michael Barthel, Leipzig

The exhibition Coronation (2012) presents a summery of work on the Mesopotamian region from early archeological excavation of ancient Assyrian cities to the recent history of Iraq.
The exhibition starts with Palmentöpfe (2007), a ceramic sculpture designed after the typical architecture of Mesopotamian city gates. This entrance piece is framed by the wall pieces Heads and Tails (2012) that examine the visual representation of political power in Iraq during the 20th Century. The second part of the exhibition shows variations of the poster piece The Royal Lion Hunt (2007), a 1:1 reproduction of an ancient Assyrian bas-relief from Nineveh.

img_7528-copyHeads, 2012, poster installation

img_7594-copyTails, 2012, display installation

2012_coronation04The Royal Lion Hunt, 2009, poster installation

2012_coronation03The Royal Lion Hunt (Iraqi Embassy Berlin-Pankow), 2011, poster installation


2012_coronation06Resin copy of a detail of the Neo-Assyrian bas-relief The Royal Lion Hunts, 7th century BC, from the palace of Ashurbanipal in Nineveh, today on display at the British Museum, London