Hollywood & Babylon

gb_tore_klein_b_02Hollywood & Babylon, 2006/07, wall installation with plaster ornaments

This project is about fulfilling the promise of Hollywood. Trizec Properties, 2003
2001 the Hollywood & Highland Shopping and Entertainment Center opened at a central crossing in Hollywood. To give the center a local context the courtyard was designed after the Babylonian sequence from the silent movie classic Intolerance (1914) by D.W. Griffith.
The Hollywood & Highland Center forms the starting point for the installation Hollywood & Babylon (2005/06). The two-part installation consists of a wall piece that replicates the film set gates as wall stucco in a scale of 1:10 and a 1:1 ornament in concrete. The double-square ornament reconstructed with the concrete sculpture was developed by Griffith’s designers to find a solution for the slanted corner of the gate’s arches. The installation is named after Kenneth Anger’s 1959 publication.

Hollywood & Babylon
, 2006/07, concrete sculpture


griffith_scan1c-copy  plazapanorama1c-copy